About Us

The Wikolo SuperApp is dedicated to becoming the 1st college student-centric super app in the U.S., Europe & Oceania. Wikolo is designed in real-time to help navigate and simplify lives by connecting the best to the best student services on one platform. Wikolo, a dynamic digital industry disruptor committed to serving college students and faculty by providing premium services such as finding the perfect roommate, enhanced communications, manage finances, stay healthy, get entertained & much more, all on one platform! Wikolo, the ultimate super app is dedicated to helping students & staff live fuller and more convenient lives.


Wikolo is the ONLY social platform Worldwide offering users secure payments through live streaming. Wikolo users can quickly customize, explore and share their experience locally and worldwide, while finding new friends, Interesting events and groups, Exploring Maps, & Sharing videos & photos.


Wikolo Roomie is a Brand-New original market designed to find the most compatible college roommates & post-graduate roommates on & off campus.


Wikolo Marketplace is where you shop and sell goods locally and worldwide. Wikolo’s ecosystem is designed to support & encourage student entrepreneurs selling their own goods and services. Wikolo’s commission fees are lower than ANY OTHER platform.


Wikolo messaging allows users to effortlessly text, exchange media files, screen share, make audio & video calls all in real-time with the safety of end-to-end encryption.


Wikolo Wallet’s exclusive fintech feature allows users to benefit by instantly transferring money to anyone (not just Wikolo members). The dollar amount per individual in any size group can be changed per person, in real-time.


Wikolo Search helps you find new friends and groups , relevant content, on trend influencers, fresh music, places of interest and more! All with the easy of one app – Wikolo.